7 Basic Hints For Writing A Research Paper Introduction

To persuade the others read your research paper, you need to attract the attention of the audience by creating an effective introduction. It should contain a well-composed hook and a background information about the topic. Moreover, it’s important to justify why your work is worth reading by the experts in the field.

How to Write an Introduction for Your Research Paper

To create a great introduction and save your effort, follow the 7 vital basic hints below:

  1. Don’t think that the audience knows everything about the subject.
  2. You should describe the vital characteristics of the subject and provide the most important explanations about the subject-related issues.

  3. Tell the readers why your assignment is important.
  4. Your introduction should point out the importance of what you are doing and explain why you are taking one approach or another to analyze the subject matter.

  5. Formulate a strong thesis statement.
  6. A thesis statement is your claim about the topic, which could be an opinion, evaluation, interpretation, or a cause-effect statement.

  7. Set the right tone.
  8. Your introduction should be a call to an action, namely to convince the audience that your work is worth reading and the question raised is interesting to investigate, so take your time to set the right tone.

  9. Keep it brief and concise.
  10. Although most introductions don’t have a strict word limit, you should make it as concise as possible. So, select only the most important points to share there and keep the rest for the body sections.

  11. Compose a decent transition sentence.
  12. You need to create a smooth transition from your beginning to the body paragraphs, so consider introducing the structure of the paper and invite the readers to find out more.

  13. Write it last.
  14. Usually, instructors recommend students to write introductions as the last part of your work. By doing so, you ensure that it effectively reflects what is being written in the paper.

What Common Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Your Introduction

Writing a research paper introduction may take a while, but before you submit your assignment, make sure to avoid the following:

  • Using personal tone and informal vocabulary.
  • Providing the key terms and concepts without a proper definition.
  • Writing a thesis statement as an announcement of the subject or an absolute fact.
  • Introducing your topic by using commonly known facts and evidence.
  • Explaining too many details and giving plenty of different examples.
  • Skipping the revision and proofreading stages.

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