Good topics for argumentative research papers

Argumentative researcher papers are neat, but there are certain limitations to many papers. Without research, most of these arguments tend to be philosophical in nature, which is fine but does not always lead to conducive arguments. Instead, a well-researched paper can be great for convincing people of a direction to take for our future.

  1. What causes success? Is it our parents? Our race we are born into. Alternatively, are there certain personality habits and traits we can cultivate that separate those that achieve great things from those who do not?
  2. Is communism workable? It certainly tries to present a viable alternative for capitalism, but only hybrid societies seem to operate exist in the real world. Can any research point to a hypothetical future where such a system works?
  3. America in recent years has seen a surge in the power of nonmilitary police having military-grade equipment and weapons- in some cases even using drowns. Is this militarization of the police force a good thing, or is it dangerous to society?
  4. Is the North Korea situation sustainable? They are bordering South Korea, and there are weapons all over the place on both sides. Has a permanent stalemate been reached or might these countries get involved in the world theater again?
  5. Japan does not have its own military, and it has not had one since World War 2. Is this the proper state of things? Is it wise for America to continue to be responsible for Japanese defense, or is this a waste of American money?
  6. What is the future of the economy going to look like, given the current trend of technology? Are we looking at a bust of physical labor as we invent more and more robots to do more and more blue-collar jobs?
  7. We have increased capability to do work, but the same number of hours in the workweek as before. This has been credited by at least one commenter due to the rise of so-called “bullshit” jobs that have no purpose other than to be jobs. To what extent is this true in first world countries, and can anything be done to stop it?
  8. Affirmative action allows minorities to hold jobs and obtain degrees, but some argue that this has negative social effects, or is unfair. Is unfairness something that is that harmful in this kind of circumstance, and is one or neither side guilty of racism here?

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