Good topics for a research paper in Physics

Physics is a broad field that affects every aspect of our lives. Engineering is based off physics, and without it, we would not have much of the technology that we enjoy today. In addition to that, there is a lot to be said about learning about the basic rules of the universe, and by understanding physics; we can understand the world around us. This is what makes physics important. In addition, with that in mind you should realize that your selection of a topic for a research paper in Physics is as important. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Why do physics have such a high rate of Atheism? Of all the sciences, physicists are less religious than everyone but the biologists. This is all rather strange, what kind of things are there in the culture of physics that cause these people to think this way?
  2. There is significant lock out in the understanding of physics. Theoretical physics has a lot to say, but to understand any of it you need a throughout understanding of high school and low level college physics, which most of the general public does not possess. With there being a high level of knowledge lock out, what can be done to further public science education.
  3. What is on the cutting edge of physic right now? People say different things, but what kinds of things are being researched right now. There have not been any major public breakthroughs since quantum mechanics, why might this be so in the public eye?
  4. What can be said about the current state of funding of NASA? Why have we not had any recent moon landings? It would seem that space is an important scientific frontier that should be explored, but for several decades, this has not been the case. How much should we fund the space program in order to explore the stars?
  5. What are our current theories that might explain dark matter?
  6. What are the ethics of teleportation and molecular assembly? Let us assume that we have a teleported that disintegrates your molecules, beams them somewhere else, and reassembles you there. Are you still you after this process has happened? Who is to say anything about it? What can be done to prevent or advocate for the proliferation of this sort of technology? Consider all this and form a cohesive set of ethics for teleportation technology.

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